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From page 45...
... 2012. Quantitative ecological risk assessment of the Magela Creek Floodplain in Kakadu National Park, Australia: Comparing point source risks from the ranger uranium mine to diffuse landscape scale risks.
From page 46...
... U.S. Environmental Protection Agen cy, Risk Assessment Forum, Washington, DC.
From page 47...
... 2005. Regional Scale Ecological Risk Assessment: Using the Relative Risk Model.
From page 48...
... 2002. A regional multiple stressor risk assessment of the Codorus Creek watershed applying the relative risk model.
From page 49...
... 2013. Central and Southern Florida Project Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan: Final Technical Data Report, Comprehensive Ever glades Restoration Plan Aquifer Storage and Recovery Pilot Project.
From page 50...
... 2006. A preliminary analysis of the correlation of food-web characteristics with hydrology and nutrient gradients in the southern Everglades.

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