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1 Introduction
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... ASR PILOTS TO ADDRESS UNCERTAINTIES Although ASR technology has been employed successfully in Florida since 1983, concerns were expressed about this large-scale application of ASR in the Everglades. The South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Working Group's ASR Issue Team (1999)
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... The Hillsboro and Kissimmee River ASR pilot studies (USACE and SFWMD, 2013) examined water quality changes, local hydrogeology, recharge and recovery performance, effects on hydraulic head and local groundwater flow, costs, and energy use at these two sites, each with a single ASR well and several monitoring wells.
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... . The ASR Regional Study project consisted of four main focus areas:  A hydrogeologic analysis to evaluate the regional extent of permeable storage zones, confining units, and groundwater quality in the Floridan aquifer sys tem;  Evaluation of water quality changes during ASR cycle testing;  Groundwater flow simulations to evaluate the feasibility of regional-scale ASR, specifically locations and numbers of ASR wells that can be construct ed without exceeding hydraulic and regulatory criteria; and  An evaluation of the ecological risks of the recovered water.
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... . of ASR capacity with minimal impact to the environment and existing users of the FAS." The committee was specifically tasked to review and comment on the following aspects:  Validity of the data collection and interpretation methods,  Integration of studies comprising the four focus areas mentioned above,  Evaluation of scaling from pilot- to regional-scale application of ASR, and  The adequacy and reliability of the study as a basis for future applications of ASR.
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... Chapter 2 of this NRC report discusses the progress made in the ASR Regional Study to address major uncertainties, any technical issues of concern, and remaining uncertainties. The report discusses the major uncertainties raised by the ASR Issue Team (1999)

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