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Appendix A: Biographical Information on the Committee on Overcoming Barriers to Electric-Vehicle Deployment
Pages 129-132

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From page 129...
... Mr. Doyle also served as co-chair of Washington's has served on a number of National Research Council com- Plug-in Vehicle Task Force, as a member of the Puget Sound mittees, including the Electric Power/Energy Systems Engi- Regional Council Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Advisory neering Peer Committee, the Committee on Assessment of Committee, and as a member of the National Cooperative Solid State Lighting, the Committee on Review of the 21st Highway Research Program Project Panel 20-83 (04)
From page 130...
... His research focuses in Electric Vehicle Collaborative, the National Academy of on making accurate measurements of the electron magnetic Sciences Committee on Fuel Economy, the U.S. EPA Mobile moment and the fine structure constant and on the precise Source Technical Review Subcommittee, the California Air laser spectroscopy of helium.
From page 131...
... His current interests include the the electric vehicle and demand response fields. In this role, market and utility applications of advanced storage devices he was responsible for the development of business and regu- for ancillary markets, reliability, and energy economics; the latory justification for utility involvement in electric-vehicle grid integration of electric vehicles; and the development of deployments, integration of electric vehicles and customers advanced building-to-grid concepts.
From page 132...
... His most recent work includes multiyear Foundation's CAREER Award and the Best Paper in Man- projects to study consumer use of plug-in electric vehicles, agement Science and Organization Science for 2007 Award. including the BMW Mini E, Prius PHEV conversions, the Her research has appeared in leading academic journals, Nissan Leaf, GM Volt, PHEV pickups, and specially designed such as the Academy of Management Journal, the Academy energy-feedback displays in vehicles.

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