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Appendix C: International Incentives
Pages 136-138

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From page 136...
... PEV owners also enjoy a substantial discount on the annual automobile tax, which can NORWAY otherwise range from ¥29,500 to ¥111,000, depending on the vehicle's engine displacement. Finally, some prefectures and The government of Norway has made a firm commitment cities offer additional incentives at time of purchase.
From page 137...
... The Chinese central government has subsidized the de The tax incentive structure is unique among all the ployment of PEVs since 2009. Some local governments in countries examined because corporate buyers overwhelm- 25 pilot cities also provided subsidies on top of the central ingly dominate the Dutch new-vehicle market, and most new government subsidies discussed below, mostly to support the vehicles are bought by firms for their employees.
From page 138...
... Sep transformation to a low carbon passenger transport sys- tember 28. tem: The role of car purchase taxes, feebates, road taxes, Tesla.

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