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8 Interactive Sessions
Pages 43-46

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From page 43...
... In the process, Kurtz derived a list of tasks individuals need to complete before transporting animals, including the questions and issues listed in Box 8-1. BOX 8-1 Questions and Issues to Consider in Transporting Laboratory Animals • If shipping rodents, can frozen embryos or sperm be shipped instead of live animals?
From page 44...
... • Ensure that individuals who are handling the animals are trained and aware of protection practices, whether wearing gloves and a mask for handling rodents or full protective gear for handling NHPs. • Develop an emergency rescue network based on the USDA's Animal Welfare Act Contingency Regulation.
From page 45...
... Unless special permission is obtained from CDC and FWS, the animals must be imported through a designated FWS port. Furthermore, because they must be quarantined, they need to go to a CDC-approved quarantine site.

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