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Appendix A: Instructional Resources, Online Curriculum Repositories, and Situational Barriers to Change
Pages 183-186

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... Such organizations, including the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Mathematical Association of America, the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) , and the American Geophysical Union, have sponsored meetings and workshops that allow STEM educators to become more familiar with 183
From page 184...
... may lead faculty who are required to teach in reformed classes to reconsider their own teaching methods. More research is needed to determine whether such "positive situational barriers" (schedule changes, physical changes to classroom, significant revision to the curriculum, required faculty curricular meetings)
From page 185...
... (2013, June) , Development of a Concept Inventory for Introductory Environmental Engineering Courses. Paper presented at 2013 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA.
From page 186...
... The FASEB Journal, 27(Meeting Abstract Supplement)

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