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Appendix B: Sample Interview Protocol
Pages 243-246

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From page 243...
... . They were asked a range of questions about their experiences and views of the Public Education Reform Amendment Act (PERAA)
From page 244...
... PROBES: objectives that DCPS leadership hoped to accomplish •  with IMPACT •  desired balance between evaluation and support/­ professional development in the system's design •  sources for the ideas and assumptions about how I ­MPACT would work •  research and other types of evidence used to inform its development •  role of Mathematica in IMPACT's development as compared with that of DCPS staff
From page 245...
... PROBES: any problems with its implementation (e.g., resource •  and time requirements; level of observers' prepara tion and expertise; other technical, administrative, or political challenges) •  teachers' responses to IMPACT •  public and media reactions •  effects on the overall quality of the teacher workforce in DCPS •  relationship to student learning outcomes c.
From page 246...
...  deciding whether or not PERAA-related initiatives are effective, In what criteria or yardsticks do you use? e.g., --  vidence that student outcome measures are moving e in a positive direction -- hat specific goals set by the city or the State Board t are being met --  ow D.C.'s performance compares with that of other h urban districts 5.

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