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Appendix E: Recommendations Regarding Special Education, American Institutes for Research
Pages 295-298

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From page 295...
... The large numbers of charter LEAs that declined to participate in this study not only impacted the repre sentativeness of our findings, but also reflects the challenges of implementing system-wide reform efforts in the District. If each LEA -- of which there are more than 50 in the District -- is allowed to opt out and manage its special education programs completely independent of other LEAs, it will result in a fractured, ineffective approach to improving programs and outcomes.
From page 296...
... Because the existing District-wide professional development may not be accessible to many staff members across DCPS and charter schools, it is critical to have targeted, school-based training that aligns with the needs of staff in the school and allows staff to receive ongoing face-to-face, in teractive experiences rather than relying extensively on one-time professional development sessions provided to a limited number of individuals or provided through online options.
From page 297...
... We recommend that such ongoing coaching and mentoring be provided by principals with expertise in special education and those who have been suc cessful in implementing quality special education programs in their schools. These "expert" principals might be identified through nominations from existing principal organizations within the Dis trict and from special education program staff in schools.
From page 298...
... 12. OSSE, DCPS, PCSB, and charter LEAs should reinforce the impor tance of family engagement by establishing expectations that all schools will have parent handbooks, parent resource centers, and a designated, trained parent coordinator at each site.

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