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1 Introduction and Overview
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... The Statement of Does the consumption of genetically engineered Task for the workshop planning committee is in Box corn cause allergic reactions? And some of the 1-1 debates revolve around complex ethical or policy questions to which scientists, as stakeholders and not Key topics discussed during the workshop necessarily authorities, may contribute: Should included the following: research involving human embryos be allowed?
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... bench-to-bedside transitions, and ethical, legal, and social issues that are as important as the scientific capabilities. WORKSHOP OVERVIEW Scheufele explained that the PILS Roundtable On Day 1, Scheufele opened Session 1 by took on the issue of public engagement on GMOs welcoming participants, outlining the goals of the because of an increasing awareness among natural workshop, and describing a series of myths about scientists that many emerging technologies in the public perceptions of science that have influenced life sciences, like GMOs, affect society directly.
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... Jason Delborne, of North invitations to a broad spectrum of individuals. This Carolina State University, described approaches to summary represents the views expressed by the public engagement in ways that include publics with individual workshop participants and so is not diverse perceptions, including opposing perceptions, necessarily representative of all viewpoints.

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