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Appendix B-- Workshop Attendees
Pages 39-40

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... Appendix B Workshop Attendees Ethan Alpern, Department of Energy Jaydee Hanson, International Center for Richard Amasino, University of Wisconsin Technology Assessment Julio Araujo, unaffiliated Rebecca Harrison, Rennselaer Polytechnic Jennifer Baltzegar, North Carolina State Institute University Tamar Haspel, food and health journalist Juliane Baron, AERA Keira Havens, Revolution Bioengineering Cynthia Beall, Case Western Reserve University Molly Jahn, University of Wisconsin–Madison Robin Bisson, Genetic Expert News Service Erik Jahner, University of California Riverside Jack Bobo, Department of State Daniel Jenkins, Monsanto Rick Borchelt, Department of Energy Dan Kahan, Yale University Benjamin Boroughs, North American Miller's Dmitry Kaledin, Russian Embassy Association Joe Kelsay, Dow AgroSciences Philip Brasher, Agri-Pulse Kevin Klatt, Cornell University Evan Bromfield, Center For Food Safety John Kotcher, George Mason University Dominque Brossard, University of Wisconsin– Michael Kotewicz, FDA Madison Todd Kuiken, Woodrow Wilson Center Amanda Buchanan, University of Maryland Lucyna Kurtyka, Monsanto Company Trevor Butterworth, Sense about Science David Lambert, Lambert Associates Travis Coberly, US Department of State Bruce Lewenstein, Cornell University James Cooper, independent writer Michael Lohuis, Monsanto Chris Creese, Oxitec Tiffany Lohwater, American Association for the Jason Delborne, North Carolina State University Advancement of Science Helene Dillard, University of California at Davis Brian Lovett, University of Maryland Sara Evanega, Cornell University Daniel Magraw, Johns Hopkins University Jose Falck-Zepeda, IFPRI Mala Mahmood, US House of Representatives Richard George, US Department of Agriculture Zane Martin, National Academy of Sciences Robert Goldberg, University of California Los George Matsumoto, Monterey Bay Aquarium Angeles Research Institute David Goldston, Natural Resources Defense Pete Matz, OFW Law Council Autumn Meade, Ecological Society of America Sarah Gonzalez, Agri-Pulse Margaret Mellon, Mellon Associates Fred Gould, North Carolina State University John Mischler, King's College Ryan Green, House Science, Space, and Sally Mouakkad, Research Councils UK/British Technology Committee Embassy Tim Griffin, Tufts University Brett Nadrich, Industry member Annie Gutsche, DuPont Pioneer Clint Nesbitt, Biotechnology Industry William Hallman, Rutgers University Organization Todd Newman American University 39
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... 40 Appendix B Ivan Oranksy, MedPage Today Eden Shiferaw, OFW Law Stephen Palacios, Added Value Cheskin Allison Snow, Ohio State University Molly Pfaffenroth, student Brooke Smith, COMPASS Roger Pielke Jr., Colorado State University Heven Sze, University of Maryland Kevin Pixley, CIMMYT-International Maize & Wiebke Tapken, University of Maryland Wheat Improvement Center Grace Troxel, Center for Advancement of Suzanne Price, American Society for Nutrition Informal Science Education (CAISE) William Provine, DuPont Michael Tu, US Department of Commerce Keith Redin, Monsanto Company Melissa Varga, Union of Concerned Scientists Genna Reed, Food & Water Watch Sophia Webster, North Carolina State University Gary Rudgers, industry Ted Wells, STEMconnector Eric Sachs, Monsanto Company JoAnna Wendel, freelance writer Dietram Scheufele, University of Wisconsin- Robert Whitaker, Produce Marketing Assoication Madison Joe Witte, Adnet/NASA Tim Schwab, Food & Water Watch Shunyuan Xiao, University of Maryland

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