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Appendix A: Definitions of Terms
Pages 231-233

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From page 231...
... : Entry in the Table of Frequency Allocations of a given frequency band for the purpose of its use by one or more (terrestrial or space) radiocommunication services or the radio astronomy service under specified conditions.
From page 232...
... Occupied Bandwidth: The width of a frequency band such that, below the lower and above the ­ pper u frequency limits, the mean powers emitted are each equal to a specified percentage β/2 of the total mean power of a given emission. Unless otherwise specified by the ITU-R for the appropriate class of emission, the value of β/2 should be taken as 0.5%.
From page 233...
... Spurious emissions include harmonic emissions, parasitic emissions, intermodulation products, and frequency conversion products, but exclude out-of-band emissions.

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