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Appendix F: Use of 0 dBi for Sidelobe Gain in Calculations of Interference in Radio Astronomy Bands
Pages 257-258

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From page 257...
... A more detailed antenna pattern and coordination algorithm are then used, as described in Recommendations ITU-R S.1586 and M.1583. The resulting analysis sets a value of the detrimental threshold such that the fraction of time that the interference level exceeds the threshold is equal to the maximum tolerable value of 2 percent for any one network, as specified in Recommendation ITU-R RA.1513.
From page 258...
... Hence, for sidelobes represented by Recommendation ITU-R RS.509, the 0 dBi figure does not guarantee freedom from interference. The average percentage of data loss when the detrimental threshold is determined using the 0 dBi figure can be estimated using the models for antenna sidelobe levels, as follows.

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