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Appendix C: Committee Biographies
Pages 61-66

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From page 61...
... Greenbaum leads HEI's efforts, supported jointly by US EPA and industry, with additional funding from US DOE, Federal Highway Administration, US AID, the Asian Development Bank, and foundations, to provide public and private decision makers -- in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America -- with high quality, impartial, relevant and credible science about the health effects of air pollution to inform air quality decisions in the developed and developing world.
From page 62...
... Dr. Daszak is a member of the IOM's Forum on Microbial Threats, the NRC Advisory Committee to the USGCRP, the Supervisory Board of the One Health Platform, the One Health Commission Council of Advisors, the CEEZAD External Advisory Board; has served on the IOM Committee on global surveillance for emerging zoonoses, the NRC committee on the future of veterinary research, the International Standing Advisory Board of the Australian Biosecurity CRC; and has advised the Director for Medical Preparedness Policy on the White House National Security Staff on global health issues.
From page 63...
... National Academy of Sciences committees, has served on USEPA's Science Advisory Board and USEPA's Science Advisory Panel, has served as an advisor to the Finnish Academy of Sciences, has been a member of numerous WHO/IARC scientific committees, and as a reviewer for grants in the United States, the European Union, and many other sponsoring organizations. He has received numerous awards including the Spiegelman Award from the American Public Health Association and the Outstanding Practitioner of the Year Award from the International Society for Risk Analysis.
From page 64...
... As director of the Center for Public Health and Climate Change at PHI she has been mainstreaming Climate Change and Health at the UN Conference on Non Communicable Diseases at the UN General Assembly, she has contributed to UNFCCC work and she has been a partnerships driver at the UN Conference Rio+20. Cristina has co-authored numerous research and policy publications and books.
From page 65...
... He looks for new approaches to controlling human influences on climate and water resources at local, regional and global scales, and explores improved forecast systems and methods of risk assessment. His work has received funding from NASA, the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, and appeared in the Journal of Climate and Water Resources Research, among others.

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