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... A Committee was convened to conduct the review, and this document contains an evaluation presented in answers to the Statement of Task questions, individual chapter reviews, and detailed comments compiled in Appendix A The Committee was impressed by the tremendous amount of work undertaken to develop such an extensive scientific assessment and suggests ways to improve the document to ensure that the Assessment is responsive to the nation's needs for information on the possible health impacts of climate change and that the key messages reach a broad audience.
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... For example, the Committee suggests the need to:  Clearly outline the selection process and criteria used to choose the health outcomes and literature discussed within the chapters;  Clarify the criteria used to judge likelihood and confidence statements and consider disaggregating confidence determinations in key findings to better reflect the diversity of the evidence;  Reorganize some key findings to improve clarity and to highlight the evidence of health impacts of climate change first and foremost;  Enhance the discussions of vulnerability from the earliest stages of the Assessment and review the discussion of vulnerability throughout the chapters for consistency;  Consistently discuss adaptive behavior in the context of each chapter and describe, to the extent that there is literature available, potential adaptive behaviors and interventions that could moderate the health impacts;  Provide methods for all featured modeling results, including uncertainties and information on accessing the underlying data;  Consider reordering the chapters to minimize overlap and to enhance opportunities for linkages between related issues;  Enhance the overarching graphic (Figure ES-1 and similar figures) to effectively portray the key concepts and ensure uniformity of the message; and  Consistently identify the most important research needs within each chapter.

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