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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 145-148

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From page 145...
... Dzau, President, Institute of Medicine 9:05 am  Introduction to Physical Activity and Its Impact on An Health and Weight Status  Russell Pate, University of South Carolina, Workshop Planning Committee Chair and Roundtable Vice Chair 145
From page 146...
... Robert Ross, Queen's University Discussion 1:45 pm ACTIVE BREAK led by DC SCORES
From page 147...
... Louis Physical Activity Policy Implementation and Impact: A Multisectoral Review Jamie Chriqui, University of Illinois at Chicago Discussion 10:15 am ACTIVE BREAK led by BOKS
From page 148...
... (Bill) Kohl III, University of Texas Health Science Center and University of Texas at Austin, Workshop Planning Committee Member Panelists: Linda Fondren, Shape Up Sisters, Vicksburg, MS Sean Hinkle, DC SCORES, Washington, DC Marisa Molina, Institute for Behavioral and Community Health, San Diego, CA 2:30 pm ADJOURN

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