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5 Generalization of Special Regions and the Utility of Maps
Pages 28-30

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... The review committee envisages that the case-by-case evaluation will follow a process analogous to that used to certify the landing sites for Schiaparelli -- the entry, descent, and landing demonstrator on ESA's ExoMars 2016 -- and for NASA's InSight lander. In the case of Schiaparelli, for example, all available data for the proposed site in Meridiani Planum were analyzed to determine if Special Regions existed within the landing ellipse.
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... FIGURE 5.2  Map depicting geological features relevant to characterizing Special Regions on Mars. Indicated units describe shallow ground ice or potential transient surface water in terms of their depth below the surface and spatial continuity.
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... . As an example, landing site analysis will likely include a geological analysis, drawing on the Mars geologic literature (covering a broad range of relevant topics, including ground truth at previous lander locations)

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