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Appendix A: Suggestions for Future Research
Pages 45-47

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From page 45...
... The review committee does not recognize these disciplinary distinctions: at best they are just different approaches to addressing fundamental questions -- such as, are we alone in the universe -- in a scientifically responsible manner. In that spirit, we propose the following suggestions for future research in order to shed light on issues identified during the review process: Investigations of the Limits of Life on Earth • Undertake standardized laboratory investigations with microbial communities to analyze their responses to environmental stressors in general.
From page 46...
... Life in Extreme Environments and in Multispecies Communities • Investigate the effects of successively and simultaneously applied multiple Mars-relevant environmental stress factors on microbial isolates and microbial communities to improve understanding of the mechanisms of adaptation, the evolutionary process whereby an organism becomes better able to live in habitats subject to extreme environmental conditions. • Undertake experiments to determine the minimum threshold of microbial isolates and microbial communities found in spacecraft assembly facilities and on spacecraft that can establish a community in a simulated Mars Special Region.
From page 47...
... Shallow Subsurface Conditions and Ice Deposits • Studies to address the formation of liquid brines on past and future landing sites, the kinetic factors involved, and their implication for microbial growth. Snow, Ice Deposits, and Subsurface Ice • Research addressing the range of conditions in which liquid brines could form and be temporarily stable on the surface and shallow subsurface of Mars.

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