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Appendix C: Glossary
Pages 54-58

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From page 54...
... Anaerobe: An organism that can survive and reproduce in the absence of dissolved oxygen, instead using oxidants such as iron and sulfur compounds in energy metabolism. Aqueous: Of or containing water, typically as a solvent or medium.
From page 55...
... Extremophile: A microorganism capable of growing under extreme physical and chemical conditions such as high temperatures, pressures, and acidity. Forward contamination: The biological contamination of an extraterrestrial body by terrestrial organisms inadvertently carried aboard a spacecraft.
From page 56...
... This allows for inheritance of genetic information between distantly related lineages outside the vertical inheritance pathway implicit in cell division. Hydrogenoclastic methanogenesis (Wood-Ljungdahl Pathway)
From page 57...
... Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) : Narrow, dark markings on steep slopes in the equatorial regions of Mars that appear and incrementally lengthen during warm seasons and fade in cold seasons.
From page 58...
... Water activity is defined as the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor associated with a system to that of pure water at the same temperature. As such, water activity is related to relative humidity expressed as a fraction.

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