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Appendix E: Committee and Staff Biographical Information
Pages 62-66

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From page 62...
... VICTOR BAKER is a Regents' Professor of the University of Arizona in the departments of hydrology and water resources, planetary sciences and geosciences. He has more than 35 years' experience in planetary science research, particularly in geological studies of Mars and Venus.
From page 63...
... Planetary Protection Requirements entitled "Mars Sample Return Backward Contamination Strategic Advice and Requirements." His NRC service includes chairing the Committee on the Limits of Organic Life in Planetary Systems, co-chairing the Committee for a Review of Programs to Determine the Extent of Life in the Universe, and co-chairing the Committee on the Origins and Evolution of Life, membership on the Steering Group for the Workshop on Size Limits of Very Small Microorganisms, Task Groups on Sample Return from Small Solar System Bodies, and Assessment of Planetary Protection Requirements for Spacecraft Missions to Icy Solar System Bodies, and Ad Hoc Task Group on Planetary Protection.
From page 64...
... He has worked with the British Antarctic Survey as a microbiologist, head of the Genomic Analysis Section of the Biological Sciences Division, and an aquatic microbial ecologist. His research interests include microbial biodiversity, environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, molecular ecology, microbial physiology, environmental genomics, extremophiles, life in extreme environments, exploring and applying new technology, and the potential of unknown ecosystems.
From page 65...
... His research interests include enrichment, isolation, and characterization of extremophilic microorganisms; quantification of element fluxes and the fundamental microbial processes in terrestrial ecosystems; the molecular ecological characterization of microbial communities in extreme environments; reaction and adaptation of microorganisms to changing environmental conditions; and astrobiology. He has served as an editorial board member of the Microbiology Ecology and Permafrost and Periglacial Processes journals of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies.
From page 66...
... She spent the majority of a year away from Columbia conducting exobiology, astrophysics, and human factors research at NASA Ames Research Center and through the SETI Institute. She was able to bring this biology research on habitability to the Mars Desert Research Station while conducting a simulated human mission to Mars.

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