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Appendix B: Mississippi River Basin and Gulf Hypoxia: Collaborations Across Multiple LCCs
Pages 85-88

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From page 85...
... In addition, it includes state M ­ ississippi River basin (Plains and Prairie Potholes, Upper agency representation from Arkansas, Illinois, ­ ndiana, Iowa, I Midwest and Great Lakes, Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Rivers, ­ ppalachian, Great Plains, Gulf Coast Prairie, and A Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin; and from the National Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks) with funding from an LCC Tribal Water Council.
From page 86...
... As mentioned above, the recognition that ultimately water quality, adding conservation will be achieved by the work of people on the ground is a critical aspect of this initiative; this point also was [a] lthough there have been some federal and state efforts to coordinate nutrient management and related water quality made in a recent workshop on Mississippi River water ­ ualityq programs across the Mississippi River basin, interagency and interstate collaboration, sponsored by the National efforts to date have not produced a rigorous, action-oriented Research Council (NRC, 2014a)
From page 87...
... . SOURCES: Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers LCC; the Conservation Fund.
From page 88...
... 88 APPENDIX B FIGURE B.2  High-, medium-, and low-cost strategies by focal system. NOTE: alt = alternative; inverts = invertebrates; BMP = best management practice; mgt = management; veg = vegetation.

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