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Appendix C: Guidance for Landscape Conservation Planning and Designs
Pages 89-92

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... , in which the succeeding steps ence, and political science will also make major contributions of a conservation strategy are diagrammatically represented to landscape conservation plans. This situation is most easily so that the underlying logic of how the strategy is likely to recognized at the beginning of a planning effort when a team succeed is examined through a series of steps in which each does a "situation analysis" that places the planning effort intermediate result from an action is portrayed in the results within the context in which it will occur and is increasingly chain.
From page 90...
... LCC Network whether the LCCs themselves are or can be an implementing body, any landscape conservation planning ILLUSTRATIVE COMPONENTS OF efforts need to pay particular attention to who the target audi A REGIONAL CONSERVATION PLAN OR ences are for a conservation plan, and who will implement it, LANDSCAPE CONSERVATION DESIGN especially for strategies and actions that need to take place over multiple geopolitical jurisdictions. Here are a few tips Although all landscape conservation plans will take difto be on the lookout for to avoid some of pitfalls of poor ferent forms depending on the desires of the stakeholders and implementation: the planning team, in one form or another the components
From page 91...
... or sideboards from previous planning efforts or law and • Budgeting and fundraising involve detailed assesspolicy. ment of the staff and financial resources needed to implement • Planning team and process includes members, skill the strategies and actions and a realistic fundraising plan to sets, organizations involved, team charter, management ensure that these resources are in place.

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