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1 Introduction
Pages 9-14

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... . Further, loss of biodiversity can have widespread federal laws were passed to provide additional protection consequences, including regional or global socioeconomic for individual species and particular natural resources.
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... . and add value to the many ongoing federal, state, tribal, and nongovernmental efforts to address a problem that this committee calls "the conservation challenge." This chalLANDSCAPE CONSERVATION COOPERATIVES lenge is conserving species, habitats, ecosystem services, In response to the aforementioned large-scale challenges and cultural resources across jurisdictions, landscapes, and facing conservation planners and resource managers, the even national borders in the face of large-scale and long-term U.S.
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... Steering committee members and staff formulate same ($14 million for LCCs and $10 million for science sup- shared priorities and objectives, and most have developed FIGURE 1.1  Map of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives. Each distinctly colored area on the map depicts the geographic coverage of each of the 22 individual, self-directed Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, which together cover all of the United States and parts of Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Islands.
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... strategic priorities in regard to conservation plans, studies, vide decision support and conservation assessments, develop monitoring programs, infrastructure, tools, and expertise. conservation priorities across jurisdictional boundaries, LCCs aim to leverage resources, and partners typically con- coordinate among agencies at different levels, and collaboratribute staff and financial resources or potentially contribute tively develop monitoring needs.
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... their habitats," the committee's report focuses on LCCs' role The committee provides two case studies in Appendixes in natural resource management, while still recognizing the A and B and provides guidance for developing Landscape need to include cultural resource management as part of the Conservation Designs in Appendix C LCC portfolio as intended by the Secretarial Order.

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