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Appendix D: Description of Other Federal Programs
Pages 93-96

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... As documented in the recent natural resources and cultural heritage; provides scientific publication Scaling Up: Collaborative Approaches to Large and other information about those resources; and honors its Landscape Conservation,4 the NPS has a long history of trust responsibilities or special commitments to American working outside of traditional park boundaries with partnerIndians, Alaska Natives, and affiliated island communities."2 ship parks, long-distance trails, and scenic river corridors. In 1 See
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... -- for example, for engagement with landowners and stakeholders and to "the NPS is to be a leader in climate change adaptation in inform resource management decisions made by field offices protected areas" (Action #21) -- the link between research on at the local level (field offices are an administrative unit with climate change impacts and specific NPS landscape conser- assigned jurisdictional boundaries where most management vation strategies is not specifically addressed.
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... Each the Climate Hubs program is nascent and small, with very landscape conservation initiative is focused on water quallittle dedicated funding or staff. As such, the Climate Hubs ity and quantity, priority wildlife species, or ecosystems.21 program is unlike the LCC program in focus, audience, The NRCS landscape conservation initiatives are distinct activities, and governance.
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... FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE • Wildlife Without Borders,30 PROGRAMS • Aquatic Invasive Species Program,31 There are several potential areas of overlap between • Migratory Bird Program,32 and LCCs and other existing FWS programs whose purposes, • Sport Fishing and Partnership Council.33 broadly speaking, involve the development of applied science for conservation and/or convening partners. After 25 See

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