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Appendix E: Secretarial Order No. 3289
Pages 97-100

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From page 97...
... The Department is also taking the lead in protecting our outer continental shelf. country's water, land, fish and wildlife, and cultural heritage • Conserve and manage fish and wildlife resources, and tribal lands and resources from the dramatic effects of including over 800 native migratory bird species and nearly climate change that are already occurring -- from the Arctic 2,000 federally listed threatened and endangered species.
From page 98...
... Each mate Change Council, will work to stimulate the developbureau and office of the Department must consider and ment of a network of collaborative "Landscape Conservation analyze potential climate change impacts when undertaking Cooperatives." These cooperatives, which already have been long-range planning exercises, setting priorities for scientific formed in some regions, will work interactively with the research and investigations, developing multi­ ear manage y relevant DOI Climate Science Center(s) and help coordinate ment plans, and making major decisions regarding potential adaptation efforts in the region.
From page 99...
... As the Department has our dependence on foreign oil and to reduce greenhouse gas the primary trust responsibility for the Federal government pollution. This Order establishes two additional projects to for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and tribal lands and mitigate climate change: the DOI Carbon Storage Project, resources, the Department will ensure consistent and inand the DOI Carbon Footprint Project.

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