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Appendix C: Comparison of Institute of Medicine 2006 Recommendations and Regulatory Implementation
Pages 367-372

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... Appendix C Comparison of Institute of Medicine 2006 Recommendations and Regulatory Implementation 367
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... by individual assessment Include more whole grain Allow only whole grain breakfast At least one-half of all breakfast States may select authorized products cerealsc cereal on each state agency's cereals Allow whole grain bread with authorized food list must have other possible whole grain whole grain as the primary substitutions ingredient by weight and meet labeling requirements for making a health claim as a "whole grain food with moderate fat content" Allow whole wheat bread, brown States may select authorized rice, bulgur, oats, whole-grain breads and substitutions barley, soft corn or whole wheat tortillas, and whole wheat macaroni products
From page 369...
... , brown rice, dry or canned beans, and more variety and choice tortillas, brown rice, oatmeal, oatmeal, bulgur, barley, and at least two fish options; for WIC participants bulgur, and barley, as bread whole wheat pasta may be additional substitutions at substitutes; allow soy substituted for bread; tofu state option beverage, tofu, and yogurt as may be substituted for milk; milk substitutes; allow canned yogurt may be substituted beans; allow tuna, sardines, for 1 q milk; dried or canned mackerel, and salmon beans; tuna, salmon, sardines, and jack mackerel permitted as fish options 369 continued
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... TABLE C-1 Continued 370 2006 IOM Report USDA Action Major Proposed Changes Specific Recommendation Federal Regulationa State Option Promote and support Provide higher CVV value for Provide a $10 CVV for all women No option to change the CVV breastfeeding, especially breastfeeding mothers No routine issuance of formula to amount full breastfeeding Reduce formula to partially partially breastfeeding infants States may tailor amounts of breastfed infants Infant formula may be provided formula up to the maximum Infant formula not provided to breastfed infants in the first allowance in the first month to month, but this should not be No routine issuance in the first breastfeeding infants standardized month to breastfeeding Fully breastfeeding infants receive Individual needs should be mothers, or may provide 1 can jarred baby food meats in assessed and the food of powdered infant formula in addition to greater amounts quantities issued accordingly the first month of baby food fruits and Additional quantities of milk, Assess individual needs to tailor vegetables eggs, and cheese; also fish, packages Additional quantities of milk, whole grains and cheese for States may offer various eggs, and cheese; also fish, breastfeeding mothers substitutions in the whole whole grains, and cheese for grains and fish categories breastfeeding mothers Address developmental Slightly increase formula amounts Fully formula-fed infants 4 to No option needs of infants and for fully formula-fed infants 5 months of age received a young children 4 to 5 months of age (and slightly increased amount of exclusion of juice and cereal) infant formula Reduce formula amounts for Reduced maximum amounts No option infants 6 to 11 months of age; of formula; no infant foods infant foods provided only at provided from 0 to less than 6 6 months of age or older months of age
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... d The primary reason for reducing the quantity of eggs was to maintain cost neutrality; fat and cholesterol reduction was a secondary result. e Partially breastfed infants may receive a $4 CVV plus 64 ounces of infant food fruits and vegetables; fully breastfed infants may receive an $8 CVV plus 128 ounces of infant food fruits and vegetables.
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... : Revisions in the WIC food packages; final rule, 7 C.F.R.

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