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Appendix F: Changes in the WIC Food Packages and Program Participation: Methods
Pages 391-396

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From page 391...
... as well as the number of categorically and income-eligible individuals by state and year, with the eligibility calculations including adjustments for income eligibility or eligibility through participation in other programs as well as other adjustments made to the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement data (USDA/FNS, 2015b)
From page 392...
... Since categorically eligible individuals who participate in any of these programs are automatically eligible for WIC, there is possible concern that failing to control for effects of other programs might bias estimates of the effects of the initial rollout of the new food package. The committee therefore estimated a series of regressions with the unemployment rate and unemployment insurance recipiency per capita as well as SNAP and TANF caseloads per capita as controls in addition to state and year-fixed effects (regression results and controls in Table F-1)
From page 393...
... Bitmapped caseloads per capita. The results suggest no significant difference comparing participation before to participation after implementation of the new food package, with and without the year-fixed effects and other program participation rates.
From page 394...
... The key dependent variable is the state-by-year count of participants in WIC divided by an estimate of the number of WIC eligibles, using a series of reports on WIC-eligible estimation. The key independent variable is the share of each year during which a state had implemented the new food packages taken from USDA/FNS, 2012.
From page 395...
... eligibles and program reach, 2010. Alexandria, VA: USDA/FNS.

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