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Appendix G: Literature Findings on Barriers and Incentives to WIC Participation and Redemption
Pages 397-402

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... Appendix G Literature Findings on Barriers and Incentives to WIC Participation and Redemption 397
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... training Availability of products in Continue to engage food suppliers allowable form (e.g., bread Continue nutrition education of in approved size) participants Use state WIC data for internal program management, policy making, ongoing monitoring Examine effect of minimum stocking requirements
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... discussion with participants Vendors:   Expand nutrition education   Delivery of spoiled items opportunities   Difficulty anticipating Inform participants of local demand and maintaining vendors adequate supply of some Local WIC Directors: WIC foods   Establish open lines of   Challenges in serving communication with vendors participants who lack   Increase cross-program knowledge collaboration   Challenges in State WIC Agencies: communicating with local   Offer additional training WIC agency opportunities to staff   Expand allowable WIC foods to include frozen and canned vegetables   Develop a formalized local vendor liaison (LVL) program (California example: LVL makes visits)
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... 400 REVIEW OF WIC FOOD PACKAGES TABLE G-1 Continued Article Barriers Incentives/Strategies Phillips et al., 2014 Certain individual WIC foods Implement targeted educational have low rates of full efforts to promote full redemption utilization of WIC benefits Could not use certain foods Tailor nutrition education (i.e., received too much) to include foods that are Participants or their children commonly underused and disliked the food or did focus on culturally relevant not know how to prepare approaches to incorporating them these foods into meals and Regardless of ethnicity, snacks full redemption of WIC benefits is low USDA/ERS, 2010b Program requires too much effort, or scheduling, or transportation problems USDA/ERS, 2013 Improved national economic Poorer economic conditions and conditions generally reduce unemployment rates tend to participation rates for improve participation rates WIC and other national when the program is fully assistance programs funded NOTE: CVV = cash value voucher; F/V = fruits and vegetables; LVL = local vendor liaison; SSI = Supplemental Security Income.
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... ; an odds ratio of 1.0 for this contrast indicates that the post-policy change from 2009 to 2010 was greater than the pre-policy change from 2008 to 2009; NE = odds ratio not estimated due to lack of variability in outcome by year. FV = fruits and vegetables.
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... 2013. How economic conditions affect participation in USDA nutrition assistance programs.

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