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Appendix L: Household Food Expenditure Analysis
Pages 437-440

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From page 437...
... by low-income households, and households participating in the WIC program. The information will be used to estimate the total food expenditures and expenditures on food groups for WIC households to assess the relative contribution of the WIC food packages to their food expenditures.
From page 438...
... Analysis For the phase I analysis of food expenditures and expenditures using WIC vouchers, data were developed and presented in bivariate tables and include mean and standard errors of food expenditures in total, food at home, food away from home, percentage of households reporting WIC food expenditure/redemption in a week, value of WIC benefits used in a week, and share of the total week's expenditures that comes from WIC benefits (for WIC households)
From page 439...
... 2015. FoodAPS Na tional Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey.

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