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Appendix R: Summary of National Dataset Characteristics Applied in the Evaluation of Health Risks
Pages 523-528

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... Appendix R Summary of National Dataset Characteristics Applied in the Evaluation of Health Risks 523
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... practices employed WIC enrollees, Pre-pregnancy weight by caregivers and the telephone follow-up status nutrition outcomes interviews, WIC of children who administrative participate in WIC records, site visits and key informants Captures data on interviews, and caregivers and WIC site staff children over the survey first 3 years of the child's life
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... Breastfeeding questions posed to mothers are retrospective PC 2008 and 2012: National WIC The Minimum Maternal weight WIC Participant participant data Data Set provided status by pregnancy and Program collected by FNS by states to FNS and breastfeeding Characteristics 2008 and published in consists of 20 items status, prevalence of and 2012 (USDA/FNS, reports every 2 years anemia, prevalence of 2010, 2013) starting in 1984 overweight in children 2 years and older, Anthropometric data growth outcomes, from NCHS underweight in children, low birth Cutoff values are weight, or premature according to birth FNS-issued nutrition risk criteria PNSS: Pregnancy WIC program data Demographic data: Prevalence of Nutrition Surveillance from 29 states, maternal age, prepregnancy System (CDC, 2011a)
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... Virgin obesity stature for children < Islands, and 6 ITOs 5 years Discontinued after Prevalence of anemia 2011 for children 5 years Data collected at the clinic level, Prevalence of very low aggregated at the birth weight, state level, then low birth weight, submitted to CDC normal birth weight, for analysis high birth weight, preterm birth, full term low birth weight, and multiple births NATFAN: National National multiyear, Food choice Data not used in Food and Nutrition multilevel study to questionnaires this review due to Questionnaire -- examine participant and frequency convenience sampling WIC Food Package food and nutrition instruments Revisions (Texas behavior before and developed A&M, 2013) after implementation specifically for of the revisions WIC participants.
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... sent annually Breastfeeding initiation measured Data collection from by in-hospital rates 1971–2003 NOTE: CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; FNS = Food and Nutrition Service; FY = fiscal year; ITFPS = Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices Study; ITO = Indian Tribal Organization; NCHS = National Center for Health Statistics; RBC = red blood cell.
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... 2013. WIC participant and program characteristics 2012 final report.

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