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... Contents SUMMARY 3 1 SECURITY IN CYBERSPACE 5 Trade-offs in Cyberspace 6 Costs and Benefits 7 Law Enforcement and the Internet 8 Technological Innovations 8 Setting Priorities 9 Retroactive Security 10 Regulation and Deterrence 10 Cybersecurity Research 11 2 SAFEGUARDING PRIVACY 12 Big Data 13 Notice and Consent 14 Other Approaches to Privacy Protection 15 Balancing Competing Demands for Privacy 16 Controlling the Use of Data 17 Controlling the Collection of Data 18 Norms for Data Use 19 3 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND NATIONAL SECURITY 20 Law Enforcement and Intelligence 21 Network Effects in Surveillance 22 Private Companies in an International Arena 23 Arms Control as a Model for Cybersecurity 25 Making Progress on International Issues 26 4 ACCELERATING PROGRESS IN CYBERSECURITY 29 Gaining and Maintaining Trust 29 Strengthening the Workforce 30 Exerting Leadership 31 Preparing for an Uncertain Future 32 CYBERSECURITY DILEMMAS 1

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