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Appendix D: Biographical Sketches of Steering Committee Members
Pages 173-176

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From page 173...
... His current projects include the political economy of rural and regional development in the United States and in ex-socialist eastern Europe; how social mobilities are reshaping the urban-rural periphery; commuting behavior among rural in-migrants in England and the United States; the process through which amenity-based areas become destinations for older in-migrants and maintain that status over time; and the social and economic implications of natural population decrease including the lived experience of residents of such areas and the association between natural population decrease and economic activity over time. He received his Ph.D.
From page 174...
... Stephan Goetz is professor of agricultural and regional economics at the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. As director of the Northeast Center, he provides leadership for economic and community development research and extension activities across 13 states.
From page 175...
... In her research, she combines a topical interest in population, urban and transportation issues with a methodological interest in spatial and quantitative analysis. Among her research topics are immigration, regional demographic change due to migration and fertility, the growth of a knowledge-based workforce, the urban-rural interface, and access to health care.

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