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Appendix C: Committee Mini Biographies
Pages 161-166

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From page 161...
... Her interests are in determining the causes of observed climate changes, focusing on mean and extreme temperature and precipitation. She works on the interface between climate modeling and climate observations, with a focus on uncertainty, on variability and change in climatic extremes, and on the use of palaeo-proxy data to study climate variability and change during the last millennium.
From page 162...
... Mote is a Professor in the College of Earth, Oceanic, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University (OSU) ; Director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI)
From page 163...
... (Recent recipients include Erin Brockovich and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson.) He is also the 2015 Recipient of the Association of American Geographers Media Achievement award and the 2015 UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Sandy Beaver Award for Excellence in Teaching.
From page 164...
... His research interests range from theoretical geophysical fluid dynamics to climate modeling and data analysis, with a focus on atmospheric circulation. He has held leadership roles in scientific assessments of both climate (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
From page 165...
... His recent research has addressed Arctic climate change; seasonal to decadal variability of sea ice; predictability of climate change in high latitudes; and changes in arctic weather in the context of climate change. In 2009 he received the Usibelli Distinguished Researcher Award from the University of Alaska.

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