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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda
Pages 85-90

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... Appendix B Workshop Agenda July 20, 2015 8:15 am Welcome from the National Cancer Policy Forum • Michael Caligiuri, Ohio State University Cancer Center Chair, National Cancer Policy Forum Overview of the Workshop • Tina Shih, MD Anderson Cancer Center • Ralph Weichselbaum, University of Chicago Workshop Planning Committee Co-Chairs 8:30 am Session 1a: Science, Clinical Benefits, and Comparative Effectiveness of Emerging Advanced Technologies for Cancer Treatment: Radiation Moderator: Carol Hahn, Duke University Science Behind New Photon Therapies and Their Intended Use • Steve Chmura, University of Chicago 85
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... 86 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES FOR RADIATION THERAPY AND SURGERY Science Behind New Proton Therapies and Their Intended Use • Anthony Zietman, Massachusetts General Hospital Comparative Effectiveness Research of Emerging Radiation Therapies for Cancer Treatment •  race Smith, MD Anderson Cancer Center G Panel Discussion 10:15 am Break 10:30 am Session 1b: Science, Clinical Benefits, and Comparative Effectiveness of Emerging Advanced Technologies for Cancer Treatment: Surgery Moderator: Ralph Weichselbaum, University of Chicago Laparoscopic Surgery • Richard Whelan, Mount Sinai Health System Science and Intended Use of Robotic Surgeries • David Miller, University of Michigan Comparative Effectiveness Research of Robotic Surgeries for Cancer Treatment • James Hu, Weill Cornell Medical Center Panel Discussion 12:15 pm Lunch Break 1:00 pm Session 2a: From Discovery to Marketplace Moderator: Patricia Ganz, University of California, Los Angeles Impact of New Technology Diffusion on Medicare Expenditures • James Yu, Yale University
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... APPENDIX B 87 Regulatory Oversight • Michael O'Hara, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Food and Drug Administration Coverage Decisions and Setting Reimbursement Rates at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services • Marc Hartstein, Director, Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group • Tamara Syrek Jensen, Coverage and Analysis Group Provider Ownership and the Diffusion of New Technologies • Stephen Williams, MD Anderson Cancer Center Panel Discussion 3:00 pm Break 3:15 pm Session 2b: Examples of Suboptimal Use of Technologies Moderators: James Hu, Weill Cornell Medical College; Ted Lawrence, University of Michigan Medical School Opportunities to Improve Value and Reduce Suboptimal Use of Technologies • Justin Bekelman, University of Pennsylvania Adoption of New Technologies in Breast Radiotherapy • Reshma Jagsi, University of Michigan Adoption of Robot and New Technologies in Gynecologic Oncology • Jason Wright, Columbia University Credentialing/Contemporary Training Programs • Stanley Ashley, Brigham and Women's Hospital Panel Discussion 5:15 pm Wrap Up Day 1 and Adjourn
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... • James Dignam, University of Chicago Panel Discussion 10:00 am Break 10:15 am Session 3b: Reactor Panel -- Potential Solutions to ­Current Challenges Moderator: Robert Carlson, National Comprehensive Cancer Network Panelists • Dave Beyer, American Society for Radiation Oncology • Thomas Farrington, Prostate Health Education Network • Larry Kessler, University of Washington • James Mohler, Roswell Park • Sean Tunis, Center for Medical Technology Policy
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... APPENDIX B 89 Panel Discussion 11:30 am Workshop Wrap-Up • Tina Shih, MD Anderson Cancer Center Workshop Planning Committee Co-Chair 11:45 am Adjourn

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