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Appendix D: Acronyms
Pages 217-222

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From page 217...
... Appendix D Acronyms $ Dollar ¥ Yen 1D One-dimensional 2D Two-dimensional 3D Three-dimensional A Area A0 Flow-passage area AC Alternating current ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards AEC Atomic Energy Commission AFM Army Field Manual ANS American Nuclear Society AP (reactor) Advanced passive ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers B.5.b Section B.5.b of Order EA-02-026 BAF Bottom of active fuel BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory BWR Boiling water reactor °C Degrees Celsius CARVER Criticality + Accessibility + Recuperability + Vulnerability + Effect + Recognizability 217
From page 218...
... Department of Energy DPR Decommissioning Planning Rule DS Dryer-separator EA Enforcement Action EPRI Electric Power Research Institute °F Degrees Fahrenheit FLEX Diverse and Flexible Coping Strategies FOIA Freedom of Information Act FPC Fuel Pool Cooling and Cleanup ft Feet g Gravity GAO U.S. Government Accountability Office GE General Electric gpm Gallons per minute GTD Global Terrorism Database H Hydrogen ΔHfg Heat of vaporization h m Mass transfer coefficient hr Hour
From page 219...
... NEA Nuclear Energy Agency (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) NEI Nuclear Energy Institute
From page 220...
... Q Thermal power QHO Quantitative health objective ρ Fluid density RAMCAP Risk Assessment and Management for Critical Asset Protection rem Roentgen equivalent man RISR Risk Informed Security Regulation RJIF Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation RPG Rocket-propelled grenade s Second SAMG Severe accident management guideline SECY Secretary of the Commission SFP Spent fuel pool SFPS Spent fuel pool study Sh Sherwood number
From page 221...
... APPENDIX D 221 SNL Sandia National Laboratories SNM Special nuclear materials SOARCA State-of-the-Art Reactor Consequence Analyses SSP Sector-Specific Plan Sv Sievert t Time T Temperature TAF Top of active fuel TEPCO Tokyo Electric Power Company TMI Three Mile Island U Uranium UNSCEAR United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation USNRC U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission W Width WWII World War II yr Year Zr Zirconium

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