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7 Wrap-Up - Panel Summary
Pages 39-44

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... of knowledge of IC activities among those in academia and the private sector made some of the privacy discussions challenging. He pondered the potential for developing "toy problems" -- scenarios designed to embody some of the challenges that the IC faces at a classified level but without actually revealing classified or restricted information -- to enable academic and industry researchers to better understand and make progress on some of the IC's privacy challenges.
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... One suggested that some sort of decision-making support tool, based upon fundamental principles, would be very helpful to organizations with limited resources for making privacy decisions, and wondered whether efforts toward a science of privacy framework might help to produce such a practical tool. Another participant recommended against the framing of an art or science of privacy, as it would seem to place the field of ethics, which provides a rigorous basis for deriving actionable principles, into the category of "art." A third participant suggested that the notion of a science of privacy might not make sense because privacy is so context-dependent.
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... CLOSING Cate closed the workshop by thanking all participants, Academies staff, the workshop steering committee, and the panelists. He also thanked David Honey, director of science and technology, ODNI, Alexander W
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... Appendixes

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