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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda
Pages 46-47

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... Cate, Indiana University, Steering Committee Chair 9:10 Background and Context from the IC Alexander W Joel, Civil Liberties Protection Officer, Office of the Director of National Intelligence 9:30 Panel I on Privacy Implications of Emerging Technologies: Mobile Communications and the Internet of Things Susan Landau, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Moderator Panelists: Mark McGovern, Mobile System 7 Fuming Shih, Oracle Lee Tien, Electronic Frontier Foundation Tao Zhang, Cisco 10:20 Break 10:50 Panel I on Privacy Implications of Emerging Technologies Mobile Communications and the Internet of Things (continued)
From page 47...
... Cate, Steering Committee Chair 9:05 Panel on Best Practices and Ethical Approaches for Data Collection and Use Fred H Cate, Indiana University, Moderator Panelists: Jennifer Glasgow, Acxiom Helen Nissenbaum, New York University Rob Sherman, Facebook David Vladeck, Georgetown University 10:55 Break 11:30 Wrap-up Panel Steering Committee 12:15 p.m.

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