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7 Closing Remarks
Pages 81-84

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From page 81...
... Fulmer thanked the participants for bringing their passion, respect, and insights to bear on addressing the workshop's objectives of identifying how to improve care coordination, discuss policies that catalyze innovation, explore research and policy gaps and needs, and examine innovative models for integrating service delivery and finance. She recounted how Kathy Greenlee told the workshop participants that it was worthwhile to separate attempts to solve the finance challenges of community living from the questions of what services to deliver to those who need them and how to do so; let services lead the way, with the finance models to follow.
From page 82...
... In no particular order, Torres-Gil listed a number of issues, some of which were raised during the workshop and some of which were not, but all of which deserve more attention in future discussions of maximizing independence and supporting community living: • The need to recognize that regardless of an individual's disabil ity, mobility limitations, cognitive and intellectual disabilities, and chronic health conditions, that individual can remain inde pendent as long as there are others who can help enable that independence. • The implications of increasing diversity, immigration, and the reality of becoming a society of a majority of minority groups, both in terms of the patient population and in terms of the long term care workforce.
From page 83...
... They are potential partners regardless of how care delivery systems are reconfigured. In closing, Torres-Gil called on the workshop participants to be optimistic, but also to be in a hurry.

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