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Appendix A: Registered Workshop Participants
Pages 109-114

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From page 109...
... A Registered Workshop Participants Altman, Micah – Massachusetts Institute of Technology Amarreh, Ishmael – National Institutes of Health Andrews, Howard – Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Anestidou, Lida – National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Arora, Vipin – U.S. Energy Information Administration Arrieta, Dan – Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP Arrison, Tom – National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Auh, Sungyoung – National Institutes of Health Baggerly, Keith – MD Anderson Cancer Center Barberia, Lorena – University of São Paulo, Brazil Baru, Chaitan – National Science Foundation Bastian, Hilda – National Institutes of Health Beaton, Maura – National Health Service Beck, Nancy – American Chemistry Council Becker, Chandler – National Institute of Standards and Technology Benjamini, Yoav – Tel Aviv University, Israel Berman, Lew – ICF International Bhat, Talapady – National Institute of Standards and Technology Boehm, Frederick – University of Wisconsin, Madison Bogoslovsky, Tanya – Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Boisvert, Ronald – National Institute of Standards and Technology Boos, Dennis – North Carolina State University Bourne, Philip – National Institutes of Health 109
From page 110...
... – American Institutes for Research Costello, Donald – University of Nebraska Cragin, Melissa – National Science Foundation Creel, Darryl – RTI International Davidson, Sara – Korea Transport Institute Dobbins, Janet – The Institute for Statistics Education at Doll, Nancy – Precise Clinical Data Collection Duan, Fenghai – Brown University Duan, Weitao – LinkedIn Corporation DuBreuil, Dan – Brown University Dunn, Michelle – National Institutes of Health Eisenberg, Jon – National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Elliott, John – National Institute of Standards and Technology Errington, Tim – Center for Open Science Esarey, Justin – Rice University Facelli, Julio – University of Utah Fienberg, Steve – Carnegie Mellon University Fitzmaurice, J Michael – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Florance, Valerie – National Library of Medicine Forde, Kimberly – University of Pennsylvania French, Benjamin – University of Pennsylvania Fritts, Martin – Leidos Biomedical Research Gage, Joseph – University of Wisconsin, Madison Gardner, Timothy – Riffyn, Inc.
From page 111...
... George – Wildfire Analytics and Research Liberman, Mark – University of Pennsylvania Lin, Xihong – Harvard University Locascio, Laurie – National Institute of Standards and Technology
From page 112...
... 112 S tat i s t i c a l C h a l l e n g e s in the Reproducibility of S c i e n t i f i c R e s u lt s Lomax, Joelle – Science Exchange Lu, John – National Institute of Standards and Technology Lucas, Philip – National Institutes of Health Lystig, Theodore – Medtronic Macleod, Malcolm – University of Edinburgh, Scotland Manrai, Arjun – Harvard Medical School Marcus, Stephen – National Institutes of Health Markatou, Marianthi – State University of New York at Buffalo McGuire, Susan – National Institutes of Health McLaughlin, Gerald – National Institutes of Health McNutt, Marcia – Science magazine Meacham, Steve – National Science Foundation Meiring, Wendy – University of California, Santa Barbara Messinger-Cayetano, Shari – University of Miami Mitelpunkt, Alexis – Tel Aviv University, Israel Mouakkad, Sally – Research Councils UK Mukhopadhyay, Rajendrani – American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Nelson, Stuart – Retired Novikova, Irina – World Bank Nuzzo, Regina – Gallaudet University Olson, Nate – National Institute of Standards and Technology Olster, Deborah – National Science Foundation Ord, Keith – Georgetown University Pai, Vinay – National Institutes of Health Panagiotou, Orestis – National Institutes of Health Pantula, Sastry – Oregon State University Parikh, Hemang – National Institute of Standards and Technology Park, Young – San Jose State University Parmigiani, Giovanni – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Pavlick, Andrea – AAAS/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Pearl, Jennifer – National Science Foundation Peng, Roger – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Percival, Matthew Perfito, Nicole – Science Exchange Pierson, Steve – American Statistical Association Qualters, Irene – National Science Foundation Radman, Thomas – National Institutes of Health Rajapakse, Sula – TFI Ramstein, Guillaume – University of Wisconsin, Madison Raphael, Louise – Howard University
From page 113...
... Department of State Setti, Gianluca – University of Ferrara, Italy Sezgin, Efe – Johns Hopkins University Shachar, Netta – Tel Aviv University, Israel Shieh, Ching-yi – National Institutes of Health Soderberg, Courtney – Center for Open Science Sorace, James – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Sorkin, Barbara – National Institutes of Health Stodden, Victoria – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Straf, Miron – Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech Subramanian, Ayshwarya – Harvard School of Public Health Suchard, Marc – University of California, Los Angeles Sun, Hong-Wei – National Institutes of Health Szewczyk, William – National Security Agency Tabak, Lawrence – National Institutes of Health Tannouri, Ahlam – Morgan State University Thompson, Paul – Sanford Research Tong, Frances – BD Technologies Triche, Tim – University of Southern California Tuttle, Mark Vaagenes, Ian – Hines VA Hospital Valeri, Linda – Harvard School of Public Health Vargas, Juan Vattikuti, Shashaank – National Institutes of Health
From page 114...
... Environmental Protection Agency Xia, Ashley – National Institutes of Health Xiao, Ying – Thomas Jefferson University Xu, Han – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Xu, Ya – LinkedIn Corporation Yaseen, Muhammad – University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan Yuan, May – University of Texas, Dallas Zarin, Deborah – National Library of Medicine Zhao, Fen – National Science Foundation Zhu, Yiliang – University of South Florida

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