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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda
Pages 115-117

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... B Workshop Agenda DAY 1 FEBRUARY 26, 2015 Session I: Overview and Case Studies 8:30 a.m. Introductions from the Workshop Co-Chairs Constantine Gatsonis, Brown University Giovanni Parmigiani, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 8:45 Perspectives from Stakeholders Lawrence Tabak, National Institutes of Health Irene Qualters, National Science Foundation Justin Esarey, Rice University and The Political Methodologist Gianluca Setti, University of Ferrara, Italy, and IEEE Joelle Lomax, Science Exchange 9:45 Overview of the Workshop Victoria Stodden, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 115
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... 116 S tat i s t i c a l C h a l l e n g e s in the Reproducibility of S c i e n t i f i c R e s u lt s 10:30 Case Studies Yoav Benjamini, Tel Aviv University Justin Wolfers, University of Michigan Session II: Conceptualizing, Measuring, and Studying Reproducibility 1:30 p.m. Definitions and Measures of Reproducibility Speaker: Steven Goodman, Stanford University Discussant: Yoav Benjamini, Tel Aviv University 2:30 Reproducibility and "Statistical Significance" Speaker: Dennis Boos, North Carolina State University Discussants: Andreas Buja, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania Val Johnson, Texas A&M University 3:45 Assessment of Factors Affecting Reproducibility Speaker: Marc Suchard, University of California, Los Angeles Discussants: Courtney Soderberg, Center for Open Science John Ioannidis, Stanford University 4:45 Reproducibility from the Informatics Perspective Speaker: Mark Liberman, University of Pennsylvania Discussant: Micah Altman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5:45 Adjourn Day 1
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... Appendix B 117 DAY 2 FEBRUARY 27, 2015 Session III: The Way Forward: Using Statistics to Achieve Reproducibility 8:30 a.m.  anel Discussion: Open Problems, Needs, and Opportunities for P Methodologic Research Moderator: Giovanni Parmigiani, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Panelists: Lida Anestidou, National Academies of Sciences, E ­ ngineering, and Medicine Tim Errington, Center for Open Science Xiaoming Huo, National Science Foundation  Roger Peng, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of ­ ublic P Health 10:00 Panel Discussion: Reporting Scientific Results and Sharing Scientific Study Data Moderator:  Victoria Stodden, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Panelists: Keith Baggerly, MD Anderson Cancer Center  Ronald Boisvert, Association for Computing Machinery and National Institute of Standards and Technology  Randy LeVeque, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and University of Washington Marcia McNutt, Science magazine 11:45 P  anel Discussion: The Way Forward from the Data Sciences Perspective: Research Moderator: Constantine Gatsonis, Brown University Panelists: Chaitan Baru, National Science Foundation Philip Bourne, National Institutes of Health Rafael Irizarry, Harvard University Jeff Leek, Johns Hopkins University 1:00 p.m.

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