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Appendix C: Acronyms
Pages 145-149

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From page 145...
... ASO Ancillary Services Operator AVR automatic voltage regulator BMSA Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications BPA Bonneville Power Administration CA contingency analysis CAISO California Independent System Operator CCVT coupled capacitive voltage transformer CEII Critical Energy Infrastructure Information CIP critical infrastructure protection ConEdison Consolidated Edison CT current transformer ∆-connected delta-connected DA data assimilation DAE differential algebraic equation DER Direct Energy Resources DFIG doubly fed inductions generator DOE Department of Energy dPIN double Pareto-log normal (distribution) DS dynamic stability 145
From page 146...
... 146 ANALYTIC RESEARCH FOUNDATIONS FOR THE NEXT-GENERATION ELECTRIC GRID DSO Distribution System Operator EMP electromagnetic pulse EMS Energy Management System EP equilibrium point E-Pro electric grid protection ERCOT Electric Reliability Council of Texas EV electric vehicle FACTS Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FPC Federal Power Commission FTR financial transmission right GENI Global Energy Network Institute GIC geomagnetically induced current GMD geomagnetic disturbance GPS Global Positioning System GW gigawatt HEMP high-altitude electromagnetic pulse HILF high impact, low frequency HVDC high-voltage direct current Hz hertz iBA intelligent Balancing Authority ICAP installed capacity ICT information and communication technology IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ISO Independent System Operator ISO-NE ISO New England IT SCED intermediate-term security-constrained economic dispatch KCL Kirchhoff's current law kV kilovolt LFC load frequency control LMP locational marginal cost LOLP loss of load probability LP linear programming LPC locational pricing calculator LTC load tap-changing MCRN Mathematics Climate Research Network MINLP mixed-integer nonlinear programming MIP mixed-integer programming MISO Midcontinent ISO MPC model predictive control Mvar megavar MVA megavolt-ampere
From page 147...
... PID proportional integral derivative PJM Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection, LLC PMU phasor measurement unit PSERC Power Systems Engineering Research Center PSS power system stabilizer PT potential transformer PTDF power transfer distribution factor PU per unit PV photovoltaic Q Reactive Power QC Quadratic Convex QCQP Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Program RAS Remedial Action Scheme RTCA real-time contingency analysis RTO Regional Transmission Organizations RT SCED real-time security-constrained economic dispatch RTU remote terminal unit SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SciDAC Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing SCOPF security-constrained optimal power flow SCUC security-constrained unit commitment SDE stochastic differential equation SDP semidefinite programming SE state estimation SFT simultaneous feasibility test SPD scheduling, pricing, and dispatch SPP Southwest Power Pool SPS Special Protection System SQP sequential quadratic programming SSCI subsynchronous control instability
From page 148...
... 148 ANALYTIC RESEARCH FOUNDATIONS FOR THE NEXT-GENERATION ELECTRIC GRID SVC static var compensator TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCSC thyristor-controlled series capacitor TEB transient excitation boost TS transient stability TVA Tennessee Valley Authority TWh terawatt V voltage magnitude VSD variable speed drive WAMS wide-area measurement system WECC Western Interconnection Y-connected wye-connected

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