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... 92 4.1 Conclusions This report provides a compendium of 16 best practices to improve sleep and reduce fatigue in the tug/towboat/barge industry. While it is beyond the scope of this project to fully develop, implement, test, and monitor the effectiveness of the proposed best practices, there is guidance on a number of pressing elements.
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... Conclusions and Suggested Research 93 research will also need to determine what best practices are working and which ones are not or even simply to determine whether companies are implementing programs at all. In some industries, policy makers/regulators are often required to provide the "push" necessary to get all stakeholders on board with the overall goal, in this case, to minimize risk and avoid incidents and accidents related to poor sleep.
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... 94 Enhancing Sleep Efficiency on Vessels in the Tug/Towboat/Barge Industry only be used in tandem with other practices that address them. There has been some progress on the issue of time of day and sleep environment in HOS regulations, and the FAA has taken a lead in adjusting duty hour requirements based on the time of day the shift starts (FAA 117)
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... Conclusions and Suggested Research 95 but also the benefits for addressing this health and safety concern, including not only the benefits to the individual but the benefits to the companies and the community as a whole. This could be approached in several ways: one would be to examine the impact in other industries such as aviation where there is a rule, or another would be to further examine cases within the trucking and/or the tug/towboat/barge industries were companies already have programs, even though there is no rule requiring them to do so.
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... 96 Enhancing Sleep Efficiency on Vessels in the Tug/Towboat/Barge Industry There is a multitude of other new technologies available to monitor fatigue/alertness or administer bright light, etc. While many of these technologies show promise, there is not necessarily a clear consensus on whether most of these devices/technologies are effective in improving sleep and reducing risk.

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