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... 37 APPENDIX A Survey Forms USE OF REAR-FACING POSITION FOR COMMON WHEELCHAIRS ON TRANSIT BUSES TRB SYNTHESIS TOPIC SC-6 QUESTIONNAIRE FOR TRANSIT OPERATORS USING REAR-FACING POSITION The purpose of this survey is to gather information on the experience of rear-facing securement systems for passengers traveling in wheelchairs on low-floor urban transit buses. This is part of a Synthesis of Practice being prepared for the U.S.
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... 38 3.10 Visual "Next Stop" display visible from rear-facing position: ( )
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... 39 9. Customer safety 9.1 Have you had any safety incidents involving customers in wheelchairs using the rear-facing position?
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... 40 1. Description du réseau 1.1 Flotte d'autobus (nombre total)
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... 41 7.2a Si vous utilisiez un emplacement vers l'avant auparavant, quel avait été le temps d'arrêt? 7.3 Est-ce que les compagnons d'aide aux clients en fauteuil roulant voyagent gratuitement?

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