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... CONTENTS 1 SUMMARY 5 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background, 5 Scope, 5 Approach, 6 7 CHAPTER TWO REAR-FACING POSITION: DESCRIPTION, DEPLOYMENT, AND RESEARCH IN EUROPE AND CANADA Rear-Facing System Description, 7 Rear-Facing Position in Europe -- Deployment and Research, 9 Rear-Facing Position in Canada -- Deployment and Research, 12 14 CHAPTER THREE CURRENT PRACTICE: CANADIAN TRANSIT SYSTEMS, INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS, AND NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN NORTH AMERICA Survey of Canadian Practice, 14 Introduction of the Combi Design by BC Transit, 17 AC Transit: A Leader in Adopting the Rear-Facing System for Bus Rapid Transit in the United States, 22 Regulatory Status -- Europe, Canada, and Australia, 24 27 CHAPTER FOUR EXPERIENCE AND ISSUES RELATED TO THE REAR-FACING SYSTEM Customer Acceptance, 27 Transit System Experience, 28 Safety Experience and Approaches to Prevent Tipping Under Severe Conditions, 28 Other Issues, 29 The Rear-Facing Position and the ADA, 30 Dynamic Forces and Requirements, 31 Application to Bus Rapid Transit, 32 33 CHAPTER FIVE CONCLUSIONS 35 REFERENCES 37 APPENDIX A SURVEY FORMS 42 APPENDIX B CONTACTS

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