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... AIRPORT COOPERATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM Sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration Responsible Senior Program Officer: Joseph D Navarrete January 2016 Research Results Digest 24 SUMMARY Predicting noise impacts from aircraft activity typically involves a complex modeling process, and accounting for helicopter and tiltrotor aircraft remains a particularly challenging aspect of aircraft noise modeling.
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... 2strengths and weaknesses from a user experience perspective, including database availability and accuracy, user interface, runtime, and output. Based on this review, potential technical refinements to AEDT, specifically designed to improve the model's prediction of helicopter activity, were developed.
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... 3changes in noise, exceeding 10 dBA and must be considered.
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... 4prehensive database and incorporation of the modeling improvements in AEDT in conjunction with an approved standard are critical next steps. fOR fURtheR iNfORMAtiON For further information, or to obtain a copy of the contractor's final report or supplemental document, please contact Joseph Navarrete, Senior Program Officer at
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... Transportation Research Board 500 Fifth Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 ISBN 978-0-309-37496-5 9 7 8 0 3 0 9 3 7 4 9 6 5 9 0 0 0 0 Subscriber Categories: Aviation • Environment These digests are issued in order to increase awareness of research results emanating from projects in the Cooperative Research Programs (CRP)

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