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... Chapter 3: Roles and Stakeholders Today's airports are large-scale facilities comprised of complex systems and many types of infrastructure, including buildings, bridges, seawalls, underground utilities, mechanical systems, electrical systems, baggage handling systems, plumbing systems, drainage, roadways, vehicle fleets, and many other diverse assets. It is inefficient to manage these many types of assets in traditional manual methods with the vast amounts of asset data required to do so.
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... Internal Stakeholders Organizational Role Airport Finance & Accounting Group responsible for accurate recording and portrayal of cost information related to the operation of the airport maintenance function. Cost information gathered in the CMMS must be processed carefully for the airport rates and charges process in order to assess airlines as part of operating and maintenance expenses.
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... With respect to CMMS evaluation, selection, and implementation, each stakeholder has specific roles at various stages in the CMMS project. These stages are defined as: • Define requirements (evaluate)
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... External Stakeholder Define Requirements Select Solution Implement Solution Support Solution Traveling Public Consulted n/a n/a n/a Government Regulators Consulted n/a n/a n/a Airport Vendors Consulted n/a n/a Informed Airport Tenants Consulted n/a n/a Consulted Contracted Companies Consulted Informed Informed Consulted Table 3-4 External Stakeholders' Roles during the CMMS Life cycle While it is important to have active participation from stakeholder groups across the airport, it is also relevant to consider the impact of the optimal size of the stakeholder group. Smaller groups tend to take less time to organize and act more quickly.

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