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... P A R T I : G U I D E B O O K Chapter 1: Overview The objective of this Guidebook is to provide guidance to airport staff in selecting a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that best meets an airport's individual needs, and in successfully integrating it into airport processes, procedures, and other information technology systems.
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... Airport Computerized Maintenance Management Systems Maintenance planning and execution is a critical aspect of a facilities management organization within an airport. Airports, in general whether large or small, have a substantial number of assets, many with high dollar values.
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... • Difficult information exchange among departments and systems • Lack of timely coordination • Applications which are difficult to support • Redundant data entry for different systems • Insufficient distribution of relevant data across departments and systems • Impede establishment of standards within the airport • Duplicate and non-standard physical infrastructures (e.g., servers, databases, networks, cable plants, etc.) • Lack of cost effectiveness in supporting multiple systems • Difficulty in inter-departmental communications • Difficulty in achieving common organizational goals Department-centric systems also leave the airport without the "big picture" perspective of airport assets and maintenance that is critical to operations and planning.
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... A challenge in implementation of an airport CMMS, as with any system, is cost. There are options, which range from a custom system developed natively within the airport over time, implementation of some modules of a full CMMS implementation, a "vanilla" implementation of a CMMS without customization, to a full-scale off-the shelf and highly-customized CMMS.
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... activities by capital and operating expenditures found in their accounting systems. However, airports are a capital "asset" intensive business, so they are "asset-centric" by definition because assets are central to their business purpose.

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