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... 83 C H A P T E R 9 Key Points Summary Risk Factors 1. In the public transit environment, the protection and security of people are the foremost concerns.
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... 84 Policing and Security Practices for Small- and Medium-Sized Public Transit Systems large, medium, and small transit agencies disclosed that the smaller the system, the less probable it is for the agency to experience significant levels of crime or disorder.
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... Conclusions 85 murder is caused by conflict between primary or non-primary family, friends, or acquaintances. Similarly, strangers in pursuit of gain or some other rational or irrational motivation may commit murder either concurrent with the commission of a felony, or as a result of mental deficiency.
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... 86 Policing and Security Practices for Small- and Medium-Sized Public Transit Systems 2. The continuing major trend toward cashless fare collection systems and the placement of automated ticket dispensing machines in transportation is further removing the opportunity for criminals to obtain cash through dangerous confrontations like hold-ups or robberies.
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... Conclusions 87 8. Protecting vehicles consists of securing rolling stock while in transit and at rest.

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