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From page 58...
... 59 Adey, P., "Secured and Sorted Mobilities: Examples from the Airport," Surveillance & Society, Vol.
From page 59...
... 60 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , "Questions and Answers about Ebola and Pets," 2014c [Online]
From page 60...
... 61 Grandin, T., "Assessment of Stress during Handling and Transport," Journal of Animal Science, Vol.
From page 61...
... 62 Service Dog Central, "Public Law NO: 112-154," n.d. [Online]
From page 62...
... 63 wdWNLUbYVLWuAcZQTnIms7tKgYF4iWgqEOJCn4GXHy2VBOClnJdiLk9Kk WWBBJkiJBOKeCSVxH2fFwcmzy1sP6oq9KaArCgW4bmpZABQ-1RNGtmCi2akElNm2NGK kZ64O08wPeeQ7sy6P1oyeRFvDI8hbwQEMoRZp3Vdg62Pzx6nnvWSMQqdyttuuLQyoPRsFR_ oBFptDywMD-JsO2dZsh2P8nw6rYbgtLOyundwtqw9POcZ6_AXVEcqM!

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