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... 66 APPENDIX B Effective Accommodations for Animals Traveling Through Airports Category Accommodation or Technique Does It Apply? Done Service Animal Relief Areas/Pet Relief Areas SARA provided YES Representatives of service dog users involved in SARA facility planning Pet owners involved in SARA/pet relief area planning SARA well-marked and easily found SARA fully enclosed with fence or walls with gate or door SARA large enough that large dog on 6-foot leash assisting a person in a wheelchair can be accommodated SARA easily cleaned SARA cleaned with non-toxic cleaners that do not have odors that are offensive to pets SARA has emergency call button or phone SARA's emergency call button or phone is located at height accessible to person in wheelchair SARA adjacent to cargo facility that accepts pets SARA within 15 minute walk including time spent reentering through security SARA has dual surfaces (hard and grass-like)
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... 67 Airport periodically/regularly meets with stakeholders, especially airlines, to discuss solutions to any problems encountered Persons using service dogs are specifically addressed in airport emergency plan (AEP) Persons using service dogs are specifically addressed in airport terminal evacuation and sheltering-in-place plans Airport has arrangement for access to veterinary services Plan includes provisions for pets and other animals during IROPS and other unusual situations Stakeholder Relationships Contracts, leases, and other agreements clearly spell out the airport's responsibilities and the limits to those responsibilities regarding animals traveling through the airport Airport interacts with representatives of pet owners when developing new facilities or procedures Airport interacts with representatives of persons with disabilities when developing new facilities or procedures for service animals Airport, law enforcement, and animal control agency share understanding and procedures about enforcing local ordinances and airport policies about pets in terminals Financial liabilities for pet or other animal that gets loose in terminal or AOA are clearly spelled out in writing including terms of reimbursement for airport costs Airport sponsors or participates in a forum that deals with problems and issues regarding animals shipped as cargo Commercial Considerations Consideration of commercial potential for airport-provided facilities for animals for lease to tenants Consideration of animal-related small businesses (e.g., grooming, boarding, exercise)

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