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... 42 The NCHRP Project 08-91 framework and tool prototype demonstrate that a cross-allocation approach to analyze and communicate the likely system performance impact of investment decisions across multiple types of transportation assets can be developed and applied. The project products were well received by agency decision makers and technical practitioners participating in the project as part of the research panel or tool workshops and testing.
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... Conclusions and Next Steps 43 or scale to compare measures as well as development of trend lines for performance measures. Additionally, allowing for each user to be assigned different weights within the weighting process could be integrated to allow for the relative importance of a group to influence performance weights (e.g., stakeholders, practitioners, technical experts)
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... 44 Guide to Cross-Asset Resource Allocation and the Impact on Transportation System Performance • Improved outputs and visualization: While the tool prototype provides dashboard indicators and other graphical inputs, development of better visualization capabilities and exploration of how the tool could be linked to other graphic and communication platforms could greatly enhance the benefit of the tool to agencies. The main contributions of the research have been in advancing data-driven techniques to support performance-based project prioritization, program development, scenario analysis, and target setting while still accommodating various opportunities for expert judgment.

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